Dyno Tuning

Chassis Dyno

We have a Dynojet 224X chassis dyno to accomodate all your tuning needs. Want to get the most out your engine? Have a custom tuning need? We can tune everything from carbs to efi. We have extensive experience with Holley, AEM, and Fast XFI. With wide band 02 capability to dial in A/F mixture, you can be sure that your engine is operating at peak potential. Want to do your own tuning? We can rent dyno time at a reduced rate. Check our tuning/chassis dyno page for current rates. Call 1-888-350-0489 or e-mail Jeff@speedlogics.com to set up an appointment.


Strapping/Unstrapping the vehicle : $75

3 power pulls with wide band monitoring and no tuning : $ 50

Tuning done by customer or other tuner with wide band : $100/HR

N/A tuning done by Speed Logics with wide band : $125/HR

Power adder tuning done by Speed Logics : $150/HR




Engine Dyno

All of Speed Logics engines are run on the DTS engine dyno before they leave the shop.
    Verifies Power, Carburetor Jetting, Ignition Timing, Idle Mixture & Speed
    Check for Leaks
    Allows us to re-torque engine fasteners after the engine has been through a heat cycle
    Most importantly. Ensures Proper Break-In!

Dyno testing is an added expense that some don’t feel is necessary. Running an engine on a test stand is not the same as running it on the dyno. Yes you can verify certain parameters on a test stand such as timing, idle mixture, and speed but the most important difference being you cannot load an engine on a test stand. We believe running a newly build engine under a load is crucial to ensure that the rings are properly seated. This also insures you are receiving a product that delivers what is advertised and allows us to correct any issues before your engine is installed.






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