Only engines assembled by Speed Logics LLC qualify for warranty coverage. Products excluded from warranty coverage are as follows: engine kits, short block kits, and partial engine packages not purchased with a carburetor. Partial engines will qualify if the appropriate carburetor is purchased and dyno tuned by Speed Logics LLC.

Speed Logics LLC engines come complete with a one year unlimited mileage warranty on all engine parts. Please contact us first if a problem should occur. Warranty claims will be assessed on an individual basis at the discretion of Speed Logics LLC. Should a parts failure occur, the part will be warrantied by the parts manufacturer at their discretion. Speed Logics LLC will not be held responsible for broken or damaged engine parts. This warranty does not cover any labor cost whatsoever. We will work with the manufacturer on your behalf to have the warrantied part/parts replaced.  No specific application for use of our products is either expressed or implied.  Use this product at your own risk. Speed Logics LLC will be held harmless for any property damage, personal injury, or death that may result from the use of our products. Engine purchased without carburetors, engine kits, and shortblocks carry no warranty.  

Your Warranty Will be Null and Void if:

  • This product is used on any kind of racing application
  • You operate the engine above the maximum RPM indicated on the engine tag attached to the distributor
  • Failure to verify proper ignition timing as outlined in the introductory letter. Please understand how your timing light works. We recommend you use a non-adjustable timing light to eliminate any confusion. The balancer is typically marked to at least 50 degrees before top dead center so there is no need for an adjustable timing light. We’ve experienced people setting an adjustable timing light to thirty degrees and then advancing the distributor so the timing mark lined up with the thirty degree mark on the balancer. This scenario will net 60 degrees of total timing. Severe engine damage will result from such excessive timing.
  • You operate the engine above the specified operating temperature. Be sure your vehicle’s cooling system is adequate to properly cool the engine.
  • You install an ignition system on your engine that has no rpm limiting capabilities. A rev limiter is a must to maintain your warranty.
  • Failure to use a fuel with a minimum octane rating specified. The octane rating specific to your engine can be located on the tag attached to the distributor
  • Failure to use the motor oil and quantity of oil specific to your engine. Each of our engines has specific oil requirements. The proper brand, viscosity rating, and quantity are specified in the owner’s manual furnished with your new engine and can also be referenced from the tag attached to the distributor.