Top End Kits

Take the guess work out of your next engine build with one of our top end kits. These are the same components that go into our dyno proven engine combinations. Our top end kits will help you reach your horsepower goals with nothing to chance. All the parts in our top end kits go through the same scrutinizing process as the parts in our engine kits and completed engines so you can be assured you’re receiving a product that is ready to run out of the box.


Included Components:

o   Timing set

o   Camshaft

o   Lifters

o   Pushrods

o   Rocker arms

o   Cylinder Heads ( assembled ready to run* )

o   Intake Manifold

* Heads with adjustable guideplates will not have the rocker studs or guideplates installed


Features and Benefits:

-        Cylinder heads are inspected and corrected as necessary

o   Checked for flatness and resurfaced

o   Seat concentricity checked and touched up

o   Valve guides checked and honed for proper clearance

o   Valve spring pressure and installed height checked and adjusted

Intake manifold is checked for flatness and proper angle and is resurfaced as necessary


SBF 427 520HP Top End Kit

from 3,220.00

SBF 427 550HP Top End Kit

from 3,665.00

SBF 427 620HP Top End Kit

from 5,375.00