Short Block Kits

Our short block kits are the perfect foundation for your engine build. Designed for the enthusiast who wants the satisfaction of assembling their own short block. We have taken all the guess work out by providing you with the same winning combination of parts that goes into our engine packages. All of the critical clearancing is done for you and is specific to each short block kit.


SBF 427 Short Block Kits


Features and Benefits :

-        Fully machined block

o   Block finished honed with torque plate

o   Either decked or lapped as required

o   Washed

o   Cam bearings installed

o   Freeze plugs, galley plugs, and block drain plugs installed

o   Ceramic painted your choice of color

-        Rod and main bearings matched and labeled to specific journals for proper oil                clearance

-        Piston rings file fit for proper end gaps and are matched a labeled for specific                 cylinders

-        Rods and pistons are pin fit for proper wrist pin clearance

-       A complete blueprint sheet is provided

Timing cover, oil pump, and pick up are not included

Timing cover, oil pump, and pick up are not included