SBF 427 Short Block

SBF 427 Short Block


SBF 427 Short Block

  • Fully machined Dart SHP block

o   Block finished honed with torque plate

o   Either decked or lapped as required

o   Washed

o   Cam bearings installed

o   Freeze plugs, galley plugs, and block drain plugs installed

o   Ceramic painted your choice of color

  • Eagle 4340 forged steel crankshaft with one piece rear main seal
  • Eagle 4340 H-beam connecting rods
  • Mahle forged aluminum pistons
  • Rotating assembly neutral balanced to race spec
  • Mahle file fit ring set
    •  Piston rings file fit for proper end gaps and are matched a labeled for specific cylinder
      • End gaps are set for a naturally aspirated application. NOT for nitrous or forced induction
  • Clevite H series main and rod bearings

o   Rod and main bearings matched and labeled to specific journals for proper oil clearance

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