We offer our engine packages in various configurations. From partially complete to turn key we have an engine package that’s right for you. Our engine packages can be customized with different finishing options and upgrades. It’s up to you to decide. All of our engine packages are meticulously blueprinted, assembled and dyno tested. A complete blueprint sheet, dyno sheet, and video of your engine on the dyno will be provided.

Starting At : $11,195.00

Starting At : $11,895.00

Starting At : $13,395.00

Partial Engine Packages allow you to add your own finishing touches to an otherwise complete motor. You will need a carburetor, water pump, thermostat housing, carb, fuel pump, fuel lines and fittings, accessories, starter, ignition box, coil, and flywheel or flexplate

Crate Engine Packages come complete with the carburetor and waterpump installed. To complete this motor you will need to add your own accessories, fuel pump, fuel lines and fittings, starter, ignition box, coil, and flywheel or flexplate

Turn-Key engine packages are just what the name implies. Just add your coil and ignition box and you're ready to run. 


We offer options and upgrades for all our engine packages. Once you've selected the engine package that's right for you select your finishes and upgrades from the Finish/Upgrades page.  Click Here for the Finishes Gallery page